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Topic subjectStreet Fighter V season 3 / 2018
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303209, Street Fighter V season 3 / 2018
Posted by Wonderl33t, Thu Jan-11-18 11:48 AM
New year, new season, new post...

Arcade Edition!

Season 3 DLC characters: Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, Sagat

Season 3 patch notes - apparently, the Capcom Unity blog post and the PDF file are missing things that the other one has, so here are both:

There are tons of individual character changes...wow. I'm not sure that I like having so many changes at once. I feel like there will be a shock period where we have to adjust to many simple interactions behaving differently.

Another couple of great additions are a player 2 rematch option, and in practice mode, you can activate color shading that indicates frame advantage. This really surprised me because I thought part of the Street Fighter mythos was letting the mathmeticians figure out the frames. MK and KI have had frame data and hitboxes in practice mode for years. But better late than never.

Another interesting change is that an extra hit of scaling was added for combos extended by V trigger (I'm looking at you, Laura v trigger combos who seem to have no scaling at all).

And of course, the new V triggers and combo extenders are the real meat of season 3 changes. Feel free to discuss your character's changes (apologies to those who started to on the old thread).

Zeku changed nothing significant. It looks like he was built to be set for season 3, which is logical. For Guile, the only noteworthy things I see are a nerf to bazooka knee, which is/was OP, and an increase in the forward movement of sobat. They also increased the startup of backfist, so this makes it seem like they're forcing the use (aka spam) of sobat over that of backfist, which Guile players should have been doing anyway.

Here we go.