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Topic subjectbose offers alternative to last.fm
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302138, bose offers alternative to last.fm
Posted by howisya, Thu Apr-20-17 11:54 AM
scrobbles your plays instead to a company called segment

302139, i forgot all about last.fm
Posted by hardware, Fri Apr-21-17 10:15 AM
302140, so has google
Posted by howisya, Fri Apr-21-17 10:55 AM
from page 1 search result to uncharted territory ever since last.fm pulled a myspace

i still like it for my data, but they ruined everything else
302143, Same here.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Sun Apr-23-17 03:08 PM

>i still like it for my data, but they ruined everything else

Love the data. I use it once a year to curate "best of" playlists.

302144, i thought CBS bought em
Posted by hardware, Mon Apr-24-17 07:36 AM
302145, they did
Posted by howisya, Mon Apr-24-17 08:14 AM
that was the start of the downfall. they launched a "beta" version a couple years ago that stripped the site of most of its (best) features in favor of an incomplete but slicker design. they've yet to take the site out of the supposed beta and restore most of those features. scrobbling is one of the few user features remaining (as it should be, considering it is the core feature and reason for being).
302146, I've been using it since 2008.
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Mon Apr-24-17 05:32 PM
Like actively using it.

I'm just waiting for the day it just doesn't exist anymore.

I mean really, I'm surprised it's still here.
302147, same
Posted by howisya, Mon Apr-24-17 05:57 PM
if you look where the site admin communicate, it looks like the platform is abandoned. some of those features were supposed to have returned a year or two ago. i expect one day i'll check my plays and find the site gone.
302141, The story is really troubling
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Sun Apr-23-17 12:27 AM
It's bad enough that usage data is shared with companies and organizations that a user isn't aware of, but to then take the data without consent is invasive.

The $5M amount is way too low. A higher figure ought to be granted in order to set a precedent in similar cases.
302142, notice how quiet bose has been about this
Posted by howisya, Sun Apr-23-17 09:21 AM
they want this to go away

it wouldn't surprise me if this doesn't make the news again