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Topic subjectCaved and bought it. Like it way more than I thought I would.
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303396, Caved and bought it. Like it way more than I thought I would.
Posted by phenompyrus, Mon Mar-05-18 10:28 AM
I really don't see the big idea regarding the graphics. Are they perfect? Absolutely not, but they don't look bad for a fighting game as crazed as this that involve characters that look like Mega Man, Arthur, etc.

The more simplistic systems (i.e. 2v2, not as flashy supers, ease combos and supers, story, etc.) work to soften the blow for new or novice players into this world if they just want to play the game for the fun of it.

The character list though... I do miss the X-Men, I can't lie. But honestly, I look at this game as more a Marvel Cinematic Universe vs. Capcom than anything else. If the X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, or more Spider-Man stuff was in the game, we wouldn't get things like Ultron, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Black Panther, Thanos, Gamora, Groot, etc., as they work within the confines of this smaller and tighter game.

It's not the best of the series, I'll give you that, and it's also not perfect by any means. Perhaps I'm simply trying to justify the purchase, but I had way more fun playing than I thought I would considering the hate this game has been getting.