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Topic subjectI actually don’t think that’s true
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303349, I actually don’t think that’s true
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Feb-07-18 02:37 PM
At Evo Japan, definitely. In Vegas tho? Not so much, especially when that game is already getting dragged by consumers for locking half the cast behind DLC. I don’t think that game is gonna be poppin in the West at all at all.

If the question was DBFZ vs. Marvel? DBFZ should be there all day.

A Smash vs. Marvel? Both Smashes all day.

Injustice 2 vs. Marvel? That game is deader than MVCI right now, but yeah Ninja Turtles is coming out and NRS needs a game at Evo. Put it ahead of Marvel.

BBCT tho? foh