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Topic subjectCopped. Capcom's two steps forward, two steps back streak
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302783, Copped. Capcom's two steps forward, two steps back streak
Posted by BigReg, Wed Sep-20-17 10:43 AM

Graphics mid game are great in motion

Gameplay is as nuts as you would expect. You don't miss the 3rd char and the gems def. add a whole other element.

Online 'seems' solid, but we will see as it goes on

Singleplayer modes are back (lol) and the story mode as silly as they have to make it, isn't atrocious...arguably better then SFV with some interesting deviations/setups in matches

Graphics/UI design are horrible...looks like the shit you would see on a PS2 game. Its a comic book game guys, design should have been high on the list

For supposedly making it easier on casuals by ditching third character and adding a bunch of autocombo shit the core of the game feels tougher. Could be cause I don't have a Xbone stick and im using the controller but shit like launcher into air combo feels MUCH tighter then MVC3..alot of the setups after the first hit felt like you had forever (the timing was where they got you). Here it feels like you gotta commit in a split second or opportunity missed.

With re-using so many assets there's a feeling that there shouldda been more 'new'...particularly with the much lower roster.

For fightin game fans only and cop on sale..which it def will be around Xmas.