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Topic subjectI think they can do it right
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301203, I think they can do it right
Posted by BigReg, Wed Nov-30-16 02:20 PM
first of all, lolz@Marvels intentional sabatoge.

my thing is that the series should be in a place where its more like Smash brothers then SFV. Doesnt have to have the 'classic' characters per say, but the character design needs to be nuts and as nostalgia hitting as possible. If the playability is still solid people will show up even if its not their character fav's as long as they are fun and tongue in cheek.

Like if they have fun with it and maybe have a full screen sized Uatu the Watcher or an OP Squirel Girl then it could be great.

If its just palette swapping Magneto for boring ass Black Bolt, then it's gonna be a problem.

That said, Im intrigued to see if Capcom learns from its SF5 first six month mistakes.

>I'm hype, but a Marvel game without Wolverine, Storm,
>Magneto, Sentinel, and Doom is finna be...not right.