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Topic subjectfree year of nintentdo online if you have twitch prime
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304418, free year of nintentdo online if you have twitch prime
Posted by mista k5, Thu Mar-28-19 04:30 PM
i have no idea what twitch prime is but i guess if you have amazon prime twitch prime is included lol. its set up as a 3 month trial then you need to claim the next 9 months later.


The streaming site is giving out the free service in a two-stage process: first, subscribers will be able to claim a free three-month membership, and after 60 days, they’ll be able to come back to get the other nine months (presumably to stop people from signing up for a single month, claiming the free year, and bailing.) The deal is open to both new and existing Switch Online subscribers — current users will get the extra months added to their existing plan.

i need to see what all twitch is and see how else i can benefit from it but uhm a free year of nintendo online? done.