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Topic subjectDon't look for Zelda to go on sale any time soon
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304189, Don't look for Zelda to go on sale any time soon
Posted by hardware, Mon Jan-07-19 03:53 PM
this and the eshop are the best ways at finding deals

also you can use the gold coins from your eshop purchases

i bought Odyssey for $35 when it was on sale from the Game Awards and cashed in around $10 worth of the gold coins i'd accumulated on the 3DS and Switch.

as for games:
The Messenger <- must have
Celeste <- must have
Iconoclasts <- personal fav
Night in the Woods
GRIS <- personal fav
Gungeon <- personal fav
Hyperlight Drifter
Battle Chef Brigade <- personal fav
Overcooked/Overcooked 2
Shovel Knight <- must have