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Topic subjectGot it for the household for Xmas and am impressed
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304184, Got it for the household for Xmas and am impressed
Posted by L_O_Quent, Mon Jan-07-19 10:44 AM
After wasting time trying to figure out the UI I religiously checked the eShop (is there a good website that keeps up with the offers?) I ended up copping:

- Mario Kart 8
- Super Smash Ultimate
- Hollow Knight
- 60 Seconds (was hella cheap so why not?)
- Stardew Valley
- The Gardens Between
- Splatoon 2 (this weekend's sale)
- Rocket League

plus a 64 gig card and this Zelda carrying case.

Still looking for a Pro controller or a cheaper version and acclimating myself since all I know about nintendo is whatever I figured out with the offspring's 2DS'. I'm most definitely copping Zelda as soon as I don't see it for full price and any other suggestions would be welcome.