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Topic subjectim pretty happy with the pro controller
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304179, im pretty happy with the pro controller
Posted by mista k5, Wed Jan-02-19 06:25 PM
would much rather have it than the charge grip. i wonder when it will go on sale again. i got lucky with that $55 sale. definitely recommend it. if for some reason i wanted a second controller i would look into the 8bitdo more.

i dont know how i play games either lol. a bit soon to tell but for now ill play the same game for a few days then switch to another. i dont know how long that will keep happening. right now i want to "complete" mario odyssey. im stuck on the darker side of the moon stage. after a few tries i switch to another game for a break lol

that might be my style where i will go back and forth between games. at some point i wont have interest in playing some games. ive mostly been buying physical games so it makes sense i wouldnt need a lot of storage. with that being the case i only have 45 gb left in my sd card. i cant imagine if i was doing digital instead.

for now i like the idea of being able to sell the games i might no longer want. i do wish i didnt have to physically swap the cartridges when i wanted to switch to another game. i might in the future decide to go downloads instead, at least for first party games that i know i wouldnt sell anyways.