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Posted by mista k5, Wed Jan-02-19 04:59 PM
>>i remembered bestbuy had a price protection if the price
>>drops. got that taken care of by chat so coooool
>>then i remembered i was down to 45 gigs left on my 128gb sd
>>card so started looking at prices. found a 400gb for $90.
>>back and forth on it a bit before deciding yes. main concern
>>is what do i do with this 128gb?? i doubt theres a market
>>them. i think my brother might have a smaller card so i
>>give it to him.
>i mean, i don't really forsee running out of space. if i get
>to that point, i'll probably uninstall stuff. you keep your
>save data. Don't buy a 400gb card. thats crazy. especially not
>for $90 for a system that's gonna be out for the next 5 years
>at least. The prices are gonna drop like a stone.

i have it sealed at home. i dont think its a bad price long term. how soon would 400gb cards drop under $50? i would think maaaybe next year. now if i dont end up not putting anything else on my card from here until then it will be stupid. im gonna sit on this a little bit before i open it.

i have the shield tv with no additional storage. i used to have some roms and iso on a usb drive that over heated and stopped working. im thinking i might move the 128gb card with a usb adapter to it. im gonna have sandisk replace the usb drive but i dont want to risk using the same type of drive on the shield tv. it was a recommended model for it but already burned me once so eh.

>>i really am starting to dislike cartridges that make you
>>download over 10 gigs of data. does it save them money this
>>way? i doubt the games are sooo big they dont fit on the
>the games are literally too big to fit on the cart. thats why
>other companies ditched cartridges a long time ago.

I guess youre right. i figured breath of the wild and odyssey had to be much bigger than 2k19 or la noire. nope. zelda is 13 gb and odyssey like 6??

>>got zelda...then im like would i need the pro controller???
>>added that. then im like should i get zelda or smash???? uhm
>>so yeah. this might have been stupid. i mean great products
>>but uh thats serious coin. im going to think it over some
>>before i receive them. im thinking ill keep everything but i
>>might smarten up and return everything.
>the Pro Controller is nice, but you probably only NEED it for
>competitive games like Smash or Rocket League.

i had to try this out. used it for mario kart and i gotta say i enjoyed it more. i have smash still sealed. still torn on returning it. waiting on zelda still. im thinking it would be good for 2k19 too. im pretty sure im keeping it, dont know if i have a choice as i already opened it lol.

>>i did get to finally play 2k19 (it took hours to download on
>>xmas so didnt get to play it except for a couple of
>>matches). i was able to see the controls and different ways
>>pass and shoot and play defense. its looking like it will be
>>good game that i will keep coming back to. i was worried i
>>would get over it quickly. definitely looks like theres a
>>to the game. for now im going to focus on improving before i
>>try any of the serious modes.
>if you have a 5ghz/media channel on your router, put your
>Switch on that to get faster speeds, you just have to be a lot
>closer to the router.

i have it connected to the 5ghz and i have the lan adapter. ive been using it with lan but i had to disconnect it to connect something else a couple of weeks ago. i think the switch or my router didnt like that because i remember mk8 downloading fairly quick. its much smaller but the speed was pretty quick. i have my router like 4 ft from the switch. its on a table on the other side of the tv. might be better to have the switch on the same side of the tv as the router. definitely wouldnt hurt.