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Topic subjectupdate: still stupid
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304169, update: still stupid
Posted by mista k5, Thu Dec-27-18 11:03 AM
i remembered bestbuy had a price protection if the price drops. got that taken care of by chat so coooool

then i remembered i was down to 45 gigs left on my 128gb sd card so started looking at prices. found a 400gb for $90. went back and forth on it a bit before deciding yes. main concern is what do i do with this 128gb?? i doubt theres a market for them. i think my brother might have a smaller card so i might give it to him.

i really am starting to dislike cartridges that make you download over 10 gigs of data. does it save them money this way? i doubt the games are sooo big they dont fit on the cartridges.

back to being stupid, so now im thinking will i even buy anymore games that require me to use more space?? maybe the 45 gigs will be good for another year? i think the 400 gig card was a good deal, supposedly its $250 regularly. i think it will be a while before it drops much lower and definitely a long time before theres a 1 tb released and priced around $100 so im not too mad about it. but since it was 90 i convinced myself to order something else to take advantage of no interest.

got zelda...then im like would i need the pro controller??? so added that. then im like should i get zelda or smash???? uhm both!

so yeah. this might have been stupid. i mean great products but uh thats serious coin. im going to think it over some before i receive them. im thinking ill keep everything but i might smarten up and return everything.

i did get to finally play 2k19 (it took hours to download on xmas so didnt get to play it except for a couple of exhibition matches). i was able to see the controls and different ways to pass and shoot and play defense. its looking like it will be a good game that i will keep coming back to. i was worried i would get over it quickly. definitely looks like theres a lot to the game. for now im going to focus on improving before i try any of the serious modes.

also, the graphics are trash. i know the switch is underpowered but uhm this looks wii level. i havent had any complaints about graphics in the other games ive played but 2k19 does not look good.