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Topic subjectCopped on last Saturday off Amazon.com.
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302515, Copped on last Saturday off Amazon.com.
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Jul-14-17 08:21 AM
I was fortunate enough to see Kotaku post that Amazon had some in stock; I was one of the lucky ones to press that Add To Cart button within that two-three hour window when the Switches were in stock. It arrived yesterday and boy am I amazed at how tiny the system is. I was a little worried nothing was going to be in the box since I didn't see any tape on box itself to seal everything closed.

I only played about 10-15 minutes, but I can easily see Breath of the Wild stealing many weekend hours from me. I'm too smart to know I can't even tough this game during the work week since it'll easily keep my up til 1 to 2 in the AM. Seeing that both this and the new Mario game are both sandbox-ish in style made me want to cop the system, even though it is highly possible those maybe the only two high quality games for the system going by Nintendo's recent history with quality games for their recent systems. I suppose ultimately time will tell.