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Topic subjectI really love this thing.
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301921, I really love this thing.
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Sun Mar-05-17 11:05 AM
I feel like I've e-known y'all dudes for years so you already know I'm portable fiend. In the two days I've owned this thing, I'd say it's the best portable I've played, and owes more to the PSP Go than any previous Nintendo handheld, imo. I can see it getting comparisons to the Vita, but I feel like this blows that out of the water on a hardware/design level:

-No proprietary memory cards (and 32GB internal)
-Standard charging cable
-An even bigger screen
-Traditional console control setup (two shoulder buttons and clicking sticks)
-Easily hooks up to a TV
-Allows for the use of external controllers

In a crazy way, the PSP Go actually has a lot of those features (internal memory, controller support, TV hookup) so this feels more like what the Vita should have been if Sony wasn't scared of cannibalizing PS3/PS4 sales.

I'm many hours into BotW and I've played it all in portable mode with a very brief break for table top to test my pro controller. The thing is super comfortable for long play sessions and I can really see taking it everywhere with me. I guess my only knock thus far is that I wish the dock didn't have to be upright because it doesn't fit well in my entertainment thingy (not that I have any huge desire to dock it anyway).