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Topic subjectSo, folks are streaming the new Zelda already on twitch.
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301897, So, folks are streaming the new Zelda already on twitch.
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Mar-02-17 12:25 PM
I saw one person playing the game bright and early this morning before I left for work. One of the streamer's JoyCon controllers was acting up and wasn't responding correctly 100% of the time he had it inside the controller. He mentioned Nintendo issuing an update for the system later on today, which is pretty wild. Almost as if folks that were fortunate to cop the system are serving as beta testers.

The Zelda game itself looks beyond gorgeous, but I still don't think copping a Switch is justified solely for playing this game. From what little I saw, the game looks quite deep and it appears to have adopted a ton of crafting game mechanics from recent action-RPG type games. I'd love to see what a Metroid game would look like on this system.