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Topic subjectZelda looks cool, but I still have two DLCs worth of The Witcher to play
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301626, Zelda looks cool, but I still have two DLCs worth of The Witcher to play
Posted by Nodima, Sun Jan-15-17 07:30 PM
I haven't owned a Nintendo console since the day Resident Evil 4 was announced for the PS2, and while I definitely feel like I've missed out on the Mario Galaxy games I get the impression Wind Waker was the last unique 3D Zelda game until this one and I really can't think of anything besides those Mario games I was super interested in playing on a Nintendo console. Every dope game they had usually had a reasonable alternative on PS4 (like Bayonetta -> DmC) even if it wasn't 1:1 in terms of Japanese weirdness/quality.

I'm really, really interested in this new Zelda but, again, I still have a LOT of game that's (seemingly) very similar in structure, and I also can't justify spending $300 just to play a single game. Nintendo 64 and Playstation was really the only generation I found having two consoles viable, PS2 just ate Gamecube's lunch and I never looked back.

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