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Topic subjectI agree, but I think that's the problem, lol
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301585, I agree, but I think that's the problem, lol
Posted by BigReg, Fri Jan-13-17 12:32 PM
What I hoped is that since Wii U had those expected Nintendo classics with plans to port them (splatoon,smash, mario kart), id be able to cop to effectively 'catch up' with what Nintendo's been doing for the past ten years or so.

Add on a couple of sports games/ similar multiplayer games to actually tote this thing around as an option for some drunken house party shenanigans.

Instead it looks like outside of the Zelda those ports are vaguely dropping in 2017? Like why i gotta wait till Fall for PORTS of years old Wii U games like y'all aint know you had a new system coming out.

And there are no real sports games/multiplayer games.

1 2 Switch seems like a shitty attempt to revamp Wii Sports as 'offline fun' when them niggas just needed to basically just copy that same exact template with just better graphics/features. And unlike Wii Sports which as pack in was responsible for selling millions of OG Wii's...1 2 Switch is a full priced game.