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Topic subjectPrice isn't what i wanted, but i'm pretty excited
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301582, Price isn't what i wanted, but i'm pretty excited
Posted by hardware, Fri Jan-13-17 11:47 AM
interesting they're going with the launch "window" approach again

Zelda obviously looks dope
The Mario game looked good but kinda Sonic-like
I actually wanna play the motion stuff especially Arms, which interestingly has online play.
I'm one of the few people interested in that Puyo/Tetris game
Mario Kart 8 with way better battle mode

Looking forward to Splatoon 2, and RiME

Battery life isn't that big of a deal to me and i'm glad it can charge with USB-C

Curious about the convoluted online thing and the absence of Virtual Console talk.
I just hope my eshop purchases are still in tact