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Topic subjectCouldda been a stronger presentation if it wasnt all 60 year old execs
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301576, Couldda been a stronger presentation if it wasnt all 60 year old execs
Posted by BigReg, Fri Jan-13-17 01:54 AM
Miyamoto has crazy personality, the rest of these mofos...they need to hire real pr people.

While I get the wii controller will effectively never die, we couldda skipped that 5 minute westworld ass shootout production. On top of I hope with the kinect (rip) dying such an ignoble death they dont really push motion controls cause...

That EA Switch thing scared me when it would be a "special" version. which makes me think we going back to wii control games where they would put in shitty shaking joystick dynamics just because. All EA needs to do is stuff Madden/FIFA 's current gen version exactly into the Switch and its a wrap (imagine settling madden or 2k shit talking on rhe spot). That alone would sell me but as it is...

I preordered it, but thinking on it I wonder why, lol. Its great but outside of Nintendo's offering (of which only zelda will be ready ar launch) no other games sold me. Shit, some those announcements seemed more for New 3ds then a new high def system.