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301574, Thoughts
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Fri Jan-13-17 12:31 AM
-The actual presentation was cringe-worthy at points, but a few of the games looks pretty good and they updated the site with a bunch of good infos.
-I thought it would be $250. $50 more doesn't really make a difference to me, but I think it might to some.
-Accessory pricing is high. $70 for the pro controller and $80 for a Joycon set? Yeesh.
-It seems like they're doing a PS+/Games with gold style thing but for NES/SNES games: "Subscribers will get to download and play a Nintendo Entertainment Systemâ„¢ (NES) or Super Nintendo Entertainment Systemâ„¢ (Super NES) game (with newly-added online play) for free for a month." Also discounts. I hope it's less than what Sony and MS are charging but I know it won't be.
-Two to six hours battery isn't bad, especially if it just uses a regular USB-C cable. I can just charge it with the same brick I use for my camera. The website says it gets three hours when playing Zelda.
-I like that it uses game cards. Something old-school cool about them.
-Micro SD cards are also a smart move. I was worried they'd do some nut ass Vita shit. Also, it already having 32GB of internal memory is good.
-Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers looks kind of like that SFII game that was on 360/PS3 that Udon did the art for.

Zelda is launching with it and looks amazing so I'm basically getting one at launch.