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Posted by bearfield, Thu Jan-12-17 11:48 PM
leading with motion control stuff. not promising

mario was a given. i'm not fooled by the hat thing. that's a de facto double jump

xenoblade could be good

fire emblem warriors seems counter to the fire emblem gameplay design philosophy (i guess they're just licensing out the characters though). i don't know how much juice omega force has left after hyrule warriors, samurai warriors, dynasty warriors, and dragon quest heroes

dragon quest 10 and 11! in japan only for now! dragon quest heroes 1 is already available on all (?) platforms, with 2 coming soon to those same platforms

skyrim running on under powered hardware. great. maybe motion controls will add some player agency or provide more immersion

new SMT might be good but persona 5 is coming out soon

no more heroes 2? maybe? the design and gameplay that made that game unique is ~10 years old now. suda's track record lately is kind of spotty

no one is buying nintendo consoles for ea sports games

f-zero in that montage? thought i saw a listing for hitman in there. reddit says ssx (maybe a sequel to the recent reboot?) + a gang of titles already available on xone and ps4

it's over. i'm skeptical. $300 seems like a lot for what it's offering, speaking as a person who owns a gaming pc and a ps4. other people might find that price point more appealing