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Topic subjecttrue enough. that screen is pretty big though
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301464, true enough. that screen is pretty big though
Posted by bearfield, Tue Dec-27-16 05:01 PM
>the screen in the handheld is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than any
>TV in your home. the system doesn't need to push nearly as
>many triangles to that screen as it does to your TV.

and possibly having to go from 720p (listed resolution of the screen) to something below 720p in order to get your game to run undocked is pretty significant. this may be the pc snob in me talking. most people may not notice the difference between 600p and 720p on a screen that small

>I think in the end people are more worried about this than
>they need to be, but I don't plan on getting one either way so
>this news didn't really register with me beyond a vague sense
>that it'll all be OK.

probably. i think this is standard "why won't nintendo pony up for decent hardware just this one time?!" discussion. i do plan on getting one if i can get some games like bravely default, dragon quest, and other jrpgs previously relegated to handhelds. and it's nintendo. they'll be fine