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Topic subjectYeah, im coppin a Switch for WayForward, not Bethesda.
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301458, Yeah, im coppin a Switch for WayForward, not Bethesda.
Posted by hardware, Fri Dec-23-16 11:03 PM
>the Vita has hella indies (Single A titles, if you will) that
>I can continue on my TV with PS4 cross saves, but it's not the
>seamless transition that Nintendo is promising.
>i'm hoping the Switch occupies that AA space between A and
>AAA. give me games that are more polished and substantial than
>the simple and arcadey stuff i get on my Vita. they don't need
>to be 50-hour open-world adventures, but i'm hoping the 3rd
>parties are able to find a mid-size niche on the Switch.
>i'm thinking handheld devs should be able to spec up to that
>level easier than AAA devs can spec down.

Its cool if big names are there but i'm fine with playin 2K elsewhere