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Topic subjectwho said anything about AAA?
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301454, who said anything about AAA?
Posted by bearfield, Fri Dec-23-16 04:57 PM
that alleged 60% reduction is across the board. it's not going to magically not apply to intelligent systems or platinum games

>Ubi and EA'nem will make a couple obligatory games at launch,
>mostly ports of old titles and sports games, then abandon it.

probably. SOP for new nintendo hardware

>the only hope is that the publishers currently making 3DS
>games stick around and we get a Bravely sequel that can be
>played on the TV or some shit.

this would be great. i would love to play something like bravely default (or any of the myriad handheld-exclusive JRPG's i've missed over the years) on a nice tablet screen or TV, even if it's "only" 720p. i still think non-AAA 3rd party devs are going to have issues with making games run well when the tablet is undocked unless they aim super low