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Topic subjectit runs at 40% capacity when undocked
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301450, it runs at 40% capacity when undocked
Posted by bearfield, Fri Dec-23-16 03:09 PM
according to digital foundry:


As things stand, CPU clocks are halved compared to the standard Tegra X1, but it's the GPU aspect of the equation that will prove more controversial. Even while docked, Switch doesn't run at Tegra X1's full potential. Clock-speeds are locked here at 768MHz, considerably lower than the 1GHz found in Shield Android TV, but the big surprise from our perspective was the extent to which Nintendo has down-clocked the GPU to hit its thermal and battery life targets. That's not a typo: it really is 307.2MHz - meaning that in portable mode, Switch runs at exactly 40 per cent of the clock-speed of the fully docked device. And yes, the table below does indeed confirm that developers can choose to hobble Switch performance when plugged in to match the handheld profile should they so choose.


that's significant. that's not just a slightly reduced draw distance or a reduction in texture filtering. that's devastating to frame rates and overall visual fidelity. i don't doubt that nintendo can make it work for their first party titles since they always seem to make their shitty hardware work for them but i have a hard time imagining 3rd party titles running well when undocked