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Topic subjectThe Nintendo Switch Sounds Woefully Underpowered (swipe)
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301447, The Nintendo Switch Sounds Woefully Underpowered (swipe)
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Fri Dec-23-16 11:05 AM

And make no mistake, the Switch's main feature---that it's both a home console and a portable handheld console---is a gimmick, and one that will realistically only appeal to a small slice of the gaming population. It's a cool concept and one that I've thought would be neat in the past, but I have to ask myself: How much will I really use this?

How much will the average gamer really use this feature? On paper or in an ad it sounds great. You play some Zelda but then you have to go somewhere so you just grab the Switch and take it with you. But in practice, how often are you playing a game and then need to go somewhere where you'll still be able to play that game? If I'm playing a game and then need to leave, I probably need to leave to go do something else. Otherwise I would simply stay.