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Topic subjectThe 3DS can still outsell a lot of consoles tho
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300951, The 3DS can still outsell a lot of consoles tho
Posted by Paps_Smear, Thu Oct-20-16 10:28 PM
That thing has remained popular the entire time. That crowd plus the console crowd will be pleased. You do know games are more than just OMGZ GRAPHICXXXX!!!! right?

I get decent graphics with a Nintendo system that I can take with me that doesn't have motion bullshit but just pure gameplay, it sounds good to me. Shit, I've played my 3DS more than my PS4 in the past few months because the games are "fun".

Some of yall just want the Call of Duty's and Maddens and fuck everything else. I'm glad Nintendo came with this, first piece of somewhat console hardware from them in a long time that I'm legit excited for.