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Topic subjectI think its genius and it's gonna bring them back. Mark my words
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300918, I think its genius and it's gonna bring them back. Mark my words
Posted by BigReg, Thu Oct-20-16 09:39 AM
While it's a bit clunkier then I want (but its expected it had to be to fit in a nice sized screen and two controllers)...its one sexy beast and a completely different animal from their kid friendly design. It looks like something designed by Apple or Sony (in 2007, but still, gotta give em props)

That commercial sealed it; shit looked like a millennial car commercial with all the actors legally allowed to buy a drink.

They also had a subtle shoutout to E-sports in the end with that Splatoon championship scene.

It's firmly between the 'fun' party aspect of Wii (imagine being able to play high def drunken mario kart at every house party) and some hardcore games (Skyrim) No one's been able to confirm on what level the graphics are but if they keep it somewhere between XboxOne and Xbox 360 with comparable ports of this gen games...it's gonna be a game changer. Biggest issue is that they are late as fuck to the game, but i don't see a reason why a gamer wouldnt want to add this as a second or third system strictly to play the still godly Nintendo made games assuming the price is right (under $300 bucks)

>I saw video of a possible new Mario & Mario Kart.
>More interesting was seeing NBA 2K17.
>Will this console have better 3rd party support finally?
>I'm not big on gaming on the go, but the form factor is
>Has this board given up on Nintendo at this point?