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Topic subjective spent a lot of time using Vive and its not good
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300963, ive spent a lot of time using Vive and its not good
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Oct-21-16 07:05 PM
unless games get a lot better I dont expect this to last. Going to be gone like 3D TV's. The games are so basic and simple almost like mobile games. But you are immersed in them. That zombie game where you are in the hallway is good for 5 minutes. Then its like okay more zombies can something else happen? Honestly the only game on there that I like is the painting one. Job Simulator is just dumb. I mean like all the other games its cool for a while but has no replay value or lasting appeal. The one where you have to defuse the bomb is okay. A lot of the games seem cool as party games. Would be fun to entertain guests with. But nothing I would want to log extensive hours on.