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Topic subjectMy Playstation VR Experience
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299568, My Playstation VR Experience
Posted by TAYREL713, Mon Apr-25-16 08:31 PM
So I got to Demo PSVR at PAX East yesterday. I played a game called RIGS http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/03/16/5-things-the-rigs-developers-learned-from-vr/. Team FPS where you are piloting a mech shooting each other up and jumping through a giant hoop to score points. Movement is left stick, right stick is slight head movements but most of your head movement is tracked via the headset. I sat in a chair to play it. My head needed a few seconds to get used to moving while in reality sitting still. The screen door effect you often hear about with VR was slight but certainly there. I played a single match and it was pretty intuitive and fun. Does it justify my pre-order, nah, but I'm not cancelling it either. The Vive and Oculus were there too but demoing PSVR was way easier as all I had to do was make an appointment.


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