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Topic subjectPre ordered the PS VR
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299384, Pre ordered the PS VR
Posted by Paps_Smear, Wed Mar-30-16 12:36 PM
I'll get the Occulus later I want to update some specs on the PC before I do. Figured since the PS4 would work right out the box cheaper without me really having to do anything else other than hook it up I would go that route first.

I'm interested though. I feel that in two years we should really see some great things come from VR. I love me some horror games and doing that like I'm inside the game has me pretty excited. Space sims and driving games should really shine on these and I hear there is a new Ace Combat coming out for PS VR.

While I don't want to play everything in VR, I do hope that this is more than just a gimmick that'll fade out quickly seeing as it has a ton of potential if you would really want to immerse yourself in a game.