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Topic subjectLets talk Virtual Reality
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299383, Lets talk Virtual Reality
Posted by TAYREL713, Wed Mar-30-16 11:49 AM
Which I have to state, is a terrible term but its way to old to change now. However, did anyone get an Occulus, plan to get a HTC Vie or pre-order a Playstation VR? If so, what made you get what, and what do you think of VR in general?


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299384, Pre ordered the PS VR
Posted by Paps_Smear, Wed Mar-30-16 12:36 PM
I'll get the Occulus later I want to update some specs on the PC before I do. Figured since the PS4 would work right out the box cheaper without me really having to do anything else other than hook it up I would go that route first.

I'm interested though. I feel that in two years we should really see some great things come from VR. I love me some horror games and doing that like I'm inside the game has me pretty excited. Space sims and driving games should really shine on these and I hear there is a new Ace Combat coming out for PS VR.

While I don't want to play everything in VR, I do hope that this is more than just a gimmick that'll fade out quickly seeing as it has a ton of potential if you would really want to immerse yourself in a game.
299387, I'm in "wait and see" mode with PSVR.
Posted by chillinCHiEF, Wed Mar-30-16 04:06 PM
The cost of entry for the other ones is just too high. Since neither Oculus or Vive will work with my Macbook, I'd have to factor in the cost of a PC and would be likely pushing towards $2,000 for everything I would need.

Even PSVR is pricey. I could get a Xbone (and likely an NX in a few months) for less than that and play some cool exclusives.

I'm also not completely convinced this will wind up as anything more than an expensive gimmick that's all but forgotten in five years.
299388, Pre-ordered PSVR
Posted by TAYREL713, Wed Mar-30-16 04:29 PM
I got the core (just the headset and breakout box) pre-order from Amazon yesterday. I figure by the time October rolls around I will have the snuck the needed funds away so it's not a near 500 dollar hit to take near the holidays. I'm hoping one of the VR companies have some stuff to show at PAX East next month. Oculus was there last year so we shall see.


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299389, I'ma order PSVR as soon as Amazon ain't sold out.
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Mar-30-16 04:42 PM
I'm not sold on there being enough interesting things to do with VR any time soon, but $400 is cheap enough for me to make the early adopter gamble.
299392, I got my eye on the Oculus Rift, one thing i havent seen any reviews
Posted by Playa_Politician, Thu Mar-31-16 02:37 PM
or articles is how you can use the Rift for regular PC games via mods. the reviews just cover supported games, but if i cop one i'm gonna wanna use it in GTA and Skyrim (both apparently have decent VR mods)
299444, I don't think mods for games that aren't built for VR will work well
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Apr-06-16 11:50 PM
you can do it, but you need a ton of work to make VR good.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
299435, I don't think it's there yet
Posted by L_O_Quent, Wed Apr-06-16 04:42 AM
I couldn't put my finger on it until I heard Josh Topolsky tomorrow podcast where he basically said we're not at the "iPhone moment" yet and that kinda sums it up for me. There's not killer app and the price of entry doesn't mean that you'll have anything long term plus people aren't quite sure what to do with it yet. I have no interest in paying premium price to be a test dummy so I'm out. I've never actually tried it because the times I've seen it were at gaming and e-sports conventions and as sick as I got at Dreamhack the concept of putting that on my head is a no go.

I'm glad that there are consumer-ish grade products out but I honestly think that the pool of people is too small and the exact same pool of people we depend on for all of our tech and gaming needs which will limit it for a while.
299443, who gives a shit if we're at the "iphone moment"
Posted by Rjcc, Wed Apr-06-16 11:49 PM
it literally just started within the last couple of weeks.

why would anyone expect GOTTA HAVE IT perfect implementations on the very first devices?

(also, the iPhone was about a million miles from perfect itself, even though smartphones had already been around for years)

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299446, my whole point is that it's not worth it
Posted by L_O_Quent, Thu Apr-07-16 03:27 AM

I'm not going to pay to test it out knowing that the hardware (which is hella expensive) may be obsolete in the nearest of futures.

Besides it being a cool toy why would I invest in getting one?

299450, it doesn't have to be mass market for it to be worthwhile
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Apr-07-16 03:50 PM
unless you're not a cutting edge tech person

not: I have not put down money for any of these headsets either

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299451, we see eye to eye sir
Posted by L_O_Quent, Fri Apr-08-16 04:42 AM
304966, four years later...it'd be nice if there were something worth talking about
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Jan-09-20 08:54 PM
maybe half-life will be that thing

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299445, haven't laid cash down for anything, but I've used Gear VR quite
Posted by Rjcc, Thu Apr-07-16 12:24 AM
a bit.

it's lit fam.

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
299452, I played with Oculus DK2 quite a bit last summer...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Fri Apr-08-16 12:40 PM
...and it was pretty amazing ..it only took a few minutes of use before your brain accepts that you're really IN that world ...looking down however would often make me nauseous, and taking the headset off after playing a bit gave me a hangover feeling ...i'm on the fence about the PSVR, really want to try it out before i make that investment

..i'm confident its the future of gaming/entertainment/online social interaction ..its going to get so much better and more affordable in the next 5 years

299455, Its either the Vive or I'll wait it out for bit.
Posted by Castro, Sat Apr-09-16 10:47 PM
There aren't a ton of titles at this point, but I am interested in it for purposes beyond gaming too.
299553, ugh do we have to?
Posted by dba_BAD, Sat Apr-23-16 02:24 AM
i don't think i'm up for this particular step in tech we're about to take

that type of immersive experience only appeals to me in very small doses, and only for pure wow factor entertainment

for the wider range of applications, and integrating it more fully into more varied corners of our lives, i feel pretty wary toward it, i don't think i'm built for it

it's not a judgment, just a very personal aversion

i feel like my grip on actual reality is precious lol i dont want too much to compete with it
299568, My Playstation VR Experience
Posted by TAYREL713, Mon Apr-25-16 08:31 PM
So I got to Demo PSVR at PAX East yesterday. I played a game called RIGS http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016/03/16/5-things-the-rigs-developers-learned-from-vr/. Team FPS where you are piloting a mech shooting each other up and jumping through a giant hoop to score points. Movement is left stick, right stick is slight head movements but most of your head movement is tracked via the headset. I sat in a chair to play it. My head needed a few seconds to get used to moving while in reality sitting still. The screen door effect you often hear about with VR was slight but certainly there. I played a single match and it was pretty intuitive and fun. Does it justify my pre-order, nah, but I'm not cancelling it either. The Vive and Oculus were there too but demoing PSVR was way easier as all I had to do was make an appointment.


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300852, Less than a week
Posted by TAYREL713, Fri Oct-07-16 02:38 PM
And Playstation VR will be in homes. The reviews and unboxings and the like have been all over the place. Those who have been using other VR setups seem to suffer the most from motion sickness, those they have never used it seem to be doing fine. Either way I'm excited, took the day off and to play in VR in the comfort of the crib. Anyone else in?
300854, Not supporting Oculus due to Luckey's tacit support for hate groups.
Posted by Kira, Sat Oct-08-16 01:16 PM
The rest of these are too expensive and offer very little benefit:

You can't play them longer than 15 minutes at a time.
Way too expensive to start.
OEMs iterate so frequently that your investment loses value over time.

I'll consider PSVR in addition to Daydream because Daydream offers long-term value.
300961, I always thought pron would be the real driver
Posted by Lil Rabies, Fri Oct-21-16 03:20 PM
just like a sex packet
300963, ive spent a lot of time using Vive and its not good
Posted by RobOne4, Fri Oct-21-16 07:05 PM
unless games get a lot better I dont expect this to last. Going to be gone like 3D TV's. The games are so basic and simple almost like mobile games. But you are immersed in them. That zombie game where you are in the hallway is good for 5 minutes. Then its like okay more zombies can something else happen? Honestly the only game on there that I like is the painting one. Job Simulator is just dumb. I mean like all the other games its cool for a while but has no replay value or lasting appeal. The one where you have to defuse the bomb is okay. A lot of the games seem cool as party games. Would be fun to entertain guests with. But nothing I would want to log extensive hours on.
304002, So I got one of the Acer (Microsoft) Headsets
Posted by Castro, Thu Oct-25-18 11:57 AM
Building a VR box with my robotics students, so I haven't used it yet, but I hope that the "you can use SteamVR" feature is actually worth its salt. I don't expect this headset to give me the same experience as the Vive, but it will get my students feet wet.
304216, I have an Oculus Go
Posted by Tw3nty, Fri Jan-18-19 05:04 PM
I'm really not understanding how this hasn't taken off even further.
The sports offerings are trash.
NBA League pass offers like 1 game a week.
There is no NFL presence.
I do like watching movies and TV in a virtual space,
kids fucked up my house so bad I just need some other living space to look at.

304727, Oculus Quest is fun, fun, fun.
Posted by Castro, Sun Aug-25-19 02:33 PM
Using it for design and for gaming.
304962, for design?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Wed Jan-01-20 11:14 PM
UI design? interior design?
304967, RE: for design?
Posted by Castro, Mon Jan-13-20 11:23 PM
for creating basic mockups. Robots mainly. Having fun learning the app.

At this point, it more about Vader than design.
304960, Got the kids and I a PSVR for Christmas
Posted by go mack, Fri Dec-27-19 05:13 PM
We are having a blast right now, guessing it will wear off its newness in a couple weeks and be back to playing better high-res games again. Still similar to Wii or Guitar Hero, something different and fun. Beat Sabre and Super Hot are the main ones I've spent time on so far. Got a black friday bundle for 250 with the motion controllers, headset and camera with a couple games and is basically like a separate system from the PS4, but also already had a PS4 otherwise may have considered Oculus.
304961, Just bought Wipeout Omega Collection
Posted by go mack, Sat Dec-28-19 09:26 AM
OMG, this is what I've been waiting for. Best VR experience ever, just amazing visuals and feel to it. As a kid watching Tron, this is something I looked forward to in the future and its here.