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Topic subjectYou actually haven't.
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281752, You actually haven't.
Posted by wallysmith, Mon Apr-15-13 08:45 AM
You've mentioned piracy (which I addressed), and internet distribution (which I addressed) and the fact that things may change once they released (which I addressed).

So you can keep making up nonsensical arguments to "prove" your point (like politics with your niece and claims of "bizarro" world) or you can actually debate the points like a normal person (which you're increasingly moving away from).

We were having a civil, reasonable discussion for a while there until I shut all your arguments down, and then claimed you were too lazy to read all my counterarguments (for a writer, that's just sad).

You want concise though? Here's concise:

- There are better ways to combat piracy and the used game market than always on DRM (giving gamers features they want, like cheap and legal GAMES, not restricting their options)

- Game developers do deserve more money from gamers (not through always on DRM, which has been universally hated, but through creative pricing and better legal distribution)

- Always on DRM is a rumor, not confirmed (yes, people can change their opinions once new information comes out)

- Always on DRM would not be a good business decision, because it cuts consumers from the userbase. You still have not given a real ***business*** reason as to why it's a GOOD business decision.