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Topic subjectMicrosoft's next Xbox will take over your TV, interact with your cable box (SWIPE)
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281655, Microsoft's next Xbox will take over your TV, interact with your cable box (SWIPE)
Posted by jaboonday, Wed Apr-10-13 01:43 PM

"Multiple sources familiar with the company's Xbox plans have revealed to The Verge that Microsoft will introduce a feature that lets its next-generation console take over a TV and set-top box in a similar way to Google TV. We understand that the next Xbox will require an online connection to use the entertainment services, allowing them to be always-on for streaming and access to TV signals.

Very similar to Google TV, but with Xbox gaming
The functionality will work by taking a cable box signal and passing it through to the Xbox via HDMI, allowing Microsoft's console to overlay a UI and features on top of an existing TV channel or set-top box. We're told that this is a key part of the next-generation Xbox and that it will go a step further than Google's TV implementation thanks to Microsoft's partnerships with content providers."