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Topic subjectdude, pretty sure X-COM sold okay via DRM heavy Steam...
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281636, dude, pretty sure X-COM sold okay via DRM heavy Steam...
Posted by celery77, Tue Apr-09-13 04:01 PM
also, digital distribution > brick + mortar
also, regardless of what game manufacturers say publicly, each and every one is interested in getting a cut of the $2B/yr in business Gamestop does in used sales
also, like rjcc says this is all pointless speculation at this point -- I mean you're really saying an online only console would feature no digital sales simply because MS hasn't done it until recently? okay, player, never mind the mountains of precedence we have that digital distribution leads to the ability to have more dynamic price points...

and one of the big reasons digital distribution on XBL has not been dynamically priced is because they didn't want to court the ire of Gamestop, who wouldn't like digital distribution sales undercutting their price. but it appears that Microsoft sees a future without Gamestop at this point, so it's less of a concern putting Games on Demand on sale for less than what brick + mortar retailers are charging.

but seriously, rjcc couldn't be more correct that having strong opinions on this one way or the other is just silly in the total vacuum of concrete details about the product.