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Topic subjectI don't see how it makes *business* sense...
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281627, I don't see how it makes *business* sense...
Posted by wallysmith, Tue Apr-09-13 11:52 AM
but we can agree to disagree there.

I don't recall any developers clamoring for "always on" consoles either. "Always on" for a game is one thing, but "always on" for a *console* is on another level.

As for "customers who don't have internet access"... I figured Bioshock Infinite and XCOM are worthy examples of developers targeting all types of gamers, regardless of whether or not they have internet access.

Time will tell on the implementation and reception of both the Xbox and PS4's approaches this generation. One thing's for sure... I would predict that these decisions will end up having far more impact than the Cell/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray/XBL wars from last generation.