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Topic subjectI think peole handle this like they handle jobs.
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281605, I think peole handle this like they handle jobs.
Posted by Invisiblist, Mon Apr-08-13 11:32 AM
The majority of people complain about the higher-ups, and react to rumors that may or may not be true, and get irritated, etc. And the reason for it is because they feel powerless and stepped on, and that's how they deal with those feelings.

But they're still gonna go to work and clock in and work and leave.

So the real weird shit to me is that people act like this because they feel like they HAVE to buy that next box like they HAVE to work a job they don't like. So they feel stepped on, and like they have no power.

Like a video game console purchase is inevitable, and they are at the manufacturer's mercy.

That's weird.