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Topic subjectForgot this thread. Currently running a G810 on my personal rig
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305402, Forgot this thread. Currently running a G810 on my personal rig
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Nov-23-20 02:06 PM
Every computer I use has a mechanical keyboard at this point. I have a Roswell keyboard at work with brown Cherry switches at work. It's a decent compromise from Cherry blues, and still feels worlds better than the wireless membrane keyboards most use. I so need to clean it though.

At home my work keyboard has the Das keyboard with Cherry blue switches. Still feels fantastic, still loud. I don't mind as much, my wife does. At some point I may swap the work and home work keyboards to keep the peace.

My personal computer has the Logitech G810 with the ROMER-G switches. I like those much more than the Cherry browns. The 'bump' feels a little more defined, and the engagement is a bit shorter. I managed to catch it on sale a few years ago, and for a full RGB keyboard I can't really complain at all.