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Topic subjectThe Razer came in last night
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276098, The Razer came in last night
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Sep-25-12 04:31 PM
Part of me has half a mind to relist it. Not that the keys feel wrong; it does have the nice clicky cherry blues, has the 10 key and some media control functions. The two things I'm not completely sold on are 1) the font on the keys and 2) the backlighting. On the one hand, glowing keys look cool, and you can dim them a bit (or just cut it off). On the other hand, I'm probably too old for glowing keyboards (sadly I'm having the same thoughts about my lighted fightsticks, but that's something else). I did get it for less than the price of a regular Razer, so I can't complain. Just need to get used to the font I suppose.