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Topic subjectBeen about 2 weeks. Better impressions
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275831, Been about 2 weeks. Better impressions
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Sep-17-12 11:44 AM
The feel is still a great thing. With some use, you learn not to bottom out the keys which adds to some of the noise. After a while you realize the blue MX switches aren't THAT loud (a buckling spring is louder, for sure) but it damn sure isn't quiet either. But the physical and audible 'snap' each key makes is quite satisfying, and I'm sure I"d miss that with, say, brown switches.

All isn't prefect, as some keys feel like they either need to be broken in or the switches are sticking. May be worth getting a keypuller and checking at some point. Also, while the switches feel fantastic, they aren't quite the same as your IBM buckling spring keys, so if you're dead set on those, it's close but not exactly the same. But as an upgrade over your standard keyboard, if you do any extended typing you will notice the difference and love it.

I've been scanning on ebay the past few weeks and managed to come up on a Razar Blackwidow Ultimate for $66. I'd like to see how it compares to the das.