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Topic subjectMechanical Keyboards - Anybody got one?
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275048, Mechanical Keyboards - Anybody got one?
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Aug-23-12 10:43 PM
It's good to be in with your IT guy at work. I put in a req order for a Das Keyboard Model S Pro. Didn't bat an eye and gave the order invoice back in 2 minutes. Hopefully Newegg will deliver by Tuesday. I'm finna klack the hell out of my co-workers. It's got to be better than the POS wireless keyboards that everybody else has. After a bit of waffling, I decided to go with the blue cherrys. The bump and the click kinda sold me, as I wasn't 100% confident the brown would be right for me (and while there are the black cherrys, I have a feeling one of my HP ps/2 keyboards would feel similar)

Anybody else rocking one? If I really like the Das Keybpard, I may well order one for home (I have been eying the Razor Black Widow, but I don't game like that)