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Topic subjectHere's the games I own at the moment...
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272975, Here's the games I own at the moment...
Posted by Mr Teeth, Fri Jun-22-12 03:08 PM
Mario Kart 7
Zelda: OoT
Super Mario 3D Land
Resident Evil: Revelations

I haven't used my 3DS in two months now. I know Mario Tennis was recently released. I'm looking to get Kid Icarus. There's quite a few of launch games for selling for cheap now...10-15 at CeX.

I'm just occupied with other stuff, so haven't been keeping up with all the 3DS developments for the moment.

>Mario Kart too, I guess, the Online feature to Kart is worth
>the price alone! Playing grand prix with folks from all around
>the world is quite awesome and every player you interact with
>will be in your Mii world.

I don't like that. There's to much added to your Mii plaza, after you play a few online games. I usually keep this option turned off.

>playing? Oh yeah, never sent a Swapnote in my life! LOL...

It's quite good, you should try it. I used it with two people on OKP (tapaz and some other guy).