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Topic subjectMy Nintendo 3DS Post
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272845, My Nintendo 3DS Post
Posted by Scarface_7, Wed Jun-20-12 10:10 AM

So I got one of these lil bitches for free over a year ago and never really used it. Its starting to get more burn in my pocket so I wanted to talk to others about their experiences. First the Games:

Most are indeed ports of Nintendo 64 titles. This blows ass but is great if u are a hardcore gamer (moi) or have never played these titles (my kids). Best port I've found are: Starfox 64 3D I LOVE Starfox so I was a guaranteed buy. If u watch me play this particular game you would think I was a computer LOL. Honorable Mention goes to Resident Evil: Revelations which is the most replayable addictive shooter that really makes great innovation of the 3DS

Must Have Games: Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 9, Resident Evil Revelations, and Lego Batman 2. All 5Star games cant rave enough about each one. Batman and RE are the most replayable. Mario Kart too, I guess, the Online feature to Kart is worth the price alone! Playing grand prix with folks from all around the world is quite awesome and every player you interact with will be in your Mii world.

Must Have Downloads: CRUSH 3D, Samurai Showdown, and Zen Pinball all available in the Nintendo store all awesome as fuck esp Crush and Zen Pinball, my commutes have been great.

Games to Stay Away From: Splinter Cell 3D, Metal Gear 3DS, Rayman 3d (not Rayman origins thats OK but Rayman 3D is horrible)and Superhero Squad all these games have intense control issues that make them damn near unplayable. The best in this series is Metal Gear I guess, but thats for the script and cuz most never experienced Snakeeater on 64.

We got Netflix so I make use of that alot. I hate that Nintendo video doesnt give u the option of what to keep but ya know, its kinda cool. They should have videos 3d equipped for sale tho on the Nintendo Store. Thats all I got. What are you playing? Oh yeah, never sent a Swapnote in my life! LOL...