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Topic subject"Lost" would make for an amazing final fantasy installment.
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233678, "Lost" would make for an amazing final fantasy installment.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue May-25-10 12:32 AM
i've always thought this, but now that i've seen the finale a second time, i'm convinced this would be one of the greatest FF experiences of them all. i'm still kinda pissed at the show runners but all in all it was a great ride. but i digress.

a FF game could really expand on the jacob/mib mythology, and dharma would make a great third party. i'm not talking via domus status either... i'd like to see the major players in this whole thing, along with a host of lesser characters come to life.

miles, eko, hurley, etc would play a large role, especially with the whispers being ghosts.

i dunno i guess i'm kinda rambling and don't really have a fully formed concept for how that would go down, but the bare concept of it got my geek juices flowing and i had to post about it lol.

what say you!?