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Topic subject"Lost" would make for an amazing final fantasy installment.
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233678, "Lost" would make for an amazing final fantasy installment.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue May-25-10 12:32 AM
i've always thought this, but now that i've seen the finale a second time, i'm convinced this would be one of the greatest FF experiences of them all. i'm still kinda pissed at the show runners but all in all it was a great ride. but i digress.

a FF game could really expand on the jacob/mib mythology, and dharma would make a great third party. i'm not talking via domus status either... i'd like to see the major players in this whole thing, along with a host of lesser characters come to life.

miles, eko, hurley, etc would play a large role, especially with the whispers being ghosts.

i dunno i guess i'm kinda rambling and don't really have a fully formed concept for how that would go down, but the bare concept of it got my geek juices flowing and i had to post about it lol.

what say you!?
233680, Would anyone even care about playing a Lost game anymore?
Posted by Nopayne, Tue May-25-10 12:47 AM
233777, It's impossible to be a FF installment though
Posted by topaz, Tue May-25-10 06:30 PM
You'd have to give the characters magic and summons as per FF traditions, which even on the island it wouldn't make much sense, ie to have Bahamut coming down from the sky or have someone casting a spell? Nope. Not sure if a RPG would even work to be honest, maybe an action-adventure game like Uncharted.

Glad the show's over though, they could've done A LOT more throughout this season and in the finale, but overall I'm satisfied.
233918, and like a final fantasy game, it'll end horribly.
Posted by etfp, Wed May-26-10 11:21 PM