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Topic subjectThe official Windows Mobile App post
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222081, The official Windows Mobile App post
Posted by redsoxguy, Thu Feb-11-10 09:14 PM
To my fellow windows mobile users.

We are clearly stuck with an inferior phone OS relative to what apple and google have done. This is clear. However if you are like me you got at least 10 months until your upgrade comes through and you are determined to make the best out of WinMo while you are stuck with it. With the recent opening of the windows mobile marketplace lets use this post to discuss what apps you find the most useful.

To me SPB Mobile shell is vital. I downloaded the trial and fucked with it for two weeks thinking I would never pay the wild 29.99 asking price.

I was so impressed with how it enhanced the usability of a phone that I was pretty damn frustrated with, that the day my trial ran out I put the money up without even blinking. A 100% improvement on the WinMo experience over the stock UI HTC installed on it.

Beyond that I'm finding the bing app pretty cool. In some ways I find it works better than the google app, although the google app is pretty cool too.

skyfire is cool

Scrub is a good little tool just to fuck around with your contacts and see what info you are missing on who.

I'm really hoping someone develops a quick and easy visual voicemail app for winmo, cause the one in the marketplace sucks and is far from simple. Anybody using a visual voicemail solution on Winmo?

What are you folks out there using?