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Topic subjectlmao. that was me when my parents first got AOL
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222122, lmao. that was me when my parents first got AOL
Posted by dEs, Fri Feb-12-10 08:57 AM
I was using AOL's search (which at the time was limited to AOL sites only!)
to try and find porn. the only thing my search terms brought up was
an AOL page about relationships on some "10 things you should never
tell your girlfriend"

it took me a few days to figure things out. I think it was only because
I got redirected to a .com page, saw an ad for one, or maybe someone
posted a link in an AOL chat room

>We're at a point where people think of Google as their
>Internet. It's the new AOL. If the order of search results
>for facebook changes then millions of people are lost.
>Sad times.