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Topic subjectWOW. So hilarisad! (Comment #85 made sense of it all)
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222117, WOW. So hilarisad! (Comment #85 made sense of it all)
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Fri Feb-12-10 08:07 AM
A 50 year old lady who wrote:

"85.for those of you that want to get in face book now just go to Bing..put in face book and search (or it will pop up) hit on face book login and it takes you to your password page...i did it....
if this ever gets back to normal I will use the address bar from now on....."

It was her third comment/rant about facebook's login. By the
time we get to #85, she seems quite proud of herself for
having "solved" the problem by using Bing instead of Google.
I would not be surprised if this lady felt like her solution
must have been similar to how the technicians fix internet
problems. She must have thought she was very, very smart.

Something about how idiocy piqued my interest though. So, I
clicked her facebook linked photo from the comment box and
saw that she's a facebook member of the Republican Governors
Association and the Sarah Palin pages. In fact, and far too
ironically, he most recent wall post is a video link regarding
Sarah Palin with her editorial caption, "GO SARAH ! There is only one reason why they poke "fun" at you....they are afraid of you !"

Yeah, I agree, I AM afraid of Palin, Republicans and other fucktard
morons who spend hours on the computer without having a clue about
what they are using. Researching some of these people reveals a
lot about American society and its education system.