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Topic subjectMy 360 and another computer don't like each other, please help
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219398, My 360 and another computer don't like each other, please help
Posted by Ishwip, Thu Jan-21-10 03:27 PM
I tried googling this and I'm not finding what I'm asking about.

Yeah, so the situation is my roommate's computer and my 360 have some sort of fued going on while my computer just goes on like nothing is wrong.

My 360 is connected directly to the router; his computer and my computer are wireless. And basically between the Xbox and his computer whoever signs in first is fine, but then the other system can't connect at all.

So if I get on Xbox Live before he gets off work, when he gets home and tries to get online it can't connect at all. And vice versa. If I try to sign in after him it instantly says it can't connect.

Meanwhile, my computer works regardless of who or what signs in first so I'm wondering what's going on? Easy fix? This same router at my old place had my XBox and three computers running off it fine. We've tried his router, too, and it's the same deal so I'm assuming it's how the XBox and his computer connect to the network.


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