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Topic subjectFacebook issue: can't post, follow links, etc.
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219332, Facebook issue: can't post, follow links, etc.
Posted by Backbone, Wed Jan-20-10 04:55 PM
I've tried googling, but couldn't find anything that addressed this effectively. Hopefully someone here knows about this.

Here goes: I can log in to Facebook, and see most things on it. My wall, other people's profiles and their pictures all show up like normal. Same goes for comment threads, except when I try to access them from the notification mail (probably the same cause).
I can not post messages, either on my own wall or as a comment on other people's items. After clicking the submit/send button, it hangs for a while before giving that stupid generic Facebook error message (oops, something went wrong, we're fixing it. Right) I also can't follow external links posted (youtube, etc.), and if I try, my browser gives me this error message:

The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The kicker is that I'm also unable to view the help section of Facebook, it gives me the same error. I can't even log out at the moment (except by deleting my cookies).

It's not always like this, and I don't know what triggers it. Clearing my cache & cookies doesn't help, neither does using another browser (I'm on the latest FF, with Vista 64bit). Restarting doesn't work either.

In the short time that I was able to use Facebook properly today, I got distracted before I thought of accessing their help section. I know, stupid.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

edit: seems to have been (temporarily?) fixed by resetting my router.